Primera et Secunda
Born to a poor family in Constantium in AD 22 with her twin sister, Secunda, Primera was apprenticed out to the local inn, Domus Lucis, to be a servant girl. She was there initiated into the trade of wenching, and is locally known as the best screw for your money on the island of Sicily. She is rather dim-witted, but very good at her job, and ruthlessly professional, demanding full payment up front.

Personal InformationEdit

Brown-eyed and black-haired, Primera is exactly 5' 3" tall and weighs 103 lbs, being 19 years old. She is a great fan of woodcut magazines, and she often dreams of becoming a professional member of an acting troupe. She is confident that she will someday break into drama, and is content to wench and serve at the tavern in the meanwhile.

Principal statsEdit