Born to a poor family of dwarves in the North, and the youngest of seven children, Padrig abandoned his family at an early age to seek his fortune in Rome. He traveled through the empire for a while as a mercenary before arriving in Sicily. While on the island, he decided to go to the regional Saturnal, and stopped at an inn in Constantium along the way. He there encountered the other adventurers that were to become the Lupi, and was promptly slaughtered by Pluto. (For more on this, see: Praeludia et Nocturnes.)

After the succeeding events, Padrig assassinated Caligula Caesar and became, by coup d'etat, the first dwarf and first non-Italian to ascend the Roman throne. As emperor of the Roman territories, he rules with an iron fist.

Personal InformationEdit

Standing 4' 7" and weighing a stocky 178 lbs, Padrig has blue eyes and silver hair, with a long beard. He has a perverse case of geriphilia, and though he is always vampiric in nature, he is capable of casting a glamour over himself at will to disguise his vampirism from those around him, appearing as a living dwarf, instead. He worships Thor and has aligned the Roman empire to follow the Cult of Thunder under more northern trappings than Mediterranian ones.

Principal StatsEdit

STR: 14; CON: 12; DEX: 19; INT: 10; WIS: 8; CHA: 14.

AC: 19; FORT: 16; REF: 17; WILL: 16; HP: 44.

Trained in Intimidate, Stealth, Streetwise, and Thievery.

Vampire Class.