Though she is sure she is in her 1,302nd lifetime, Nephrael has only been incarnated in her current form for 25 years, and thus her memories only extend back to AD 16. She awoke, fully formed and sentient, in the middle of a barley farm in Constantium, where she was taken in and given the lay of the land. Having a curious gift for blacksmithing, she trained under Arathiorn for several years before opening shop across the way from him, selling armor at Ferrum in Flamma. In AD 41, she had the privilege of being robbed and nearly murdered by the more nefarious members of the Lupi; consequently, she bears them only ill will, and has a private vendetta against Padrig Caesar.

Personal InformationEdit

Standing a slender 7' tall and weighing 190 lbs, Nephrael is almost stick-thin, but incredibly wise, and dangerous with a dagger or a hammer. She is often called upon to officiate disputes among villagers, and she offers Vela Primera and Secunda advice on all aspects of their job, whether pertaining to the perfect beer (add a spring of juniper to every three pounds of barley, for start), the perfect waitressing (if they tip poorly, spit in their fourth round, and then every other round thereafter), and wenching (most men in climax have no sense of their surroundings, so pick their pockets). She has also recently taken up with a local farmhand, Dedric, who has no knowledge that Devas reincarnate, and is thus always surprised by her prowess and skill in all things relational.

Principal StatsEdit

Blacksmithing: Near-infinite.