Born into a Tiefling family in AD 18, Malachi was shunned by his father at a young age due to his short stature and small, frail frame. He ran away from home at the age of 14, joining a band of robbers and mercenaries, where he learned to use his diminutive size to his advantage in combat, lurking in the shadows to strike from afar and critically wound adversaries. He would often provide support for larger-scale raids for the brigands, picking off guards silently and lethally to allow his allies to sneak in and ravage entire villages.

However, one night, in the midst of a raid in AD 40, Malachi was confronted with an angellic servant of YHWH, who demanded that he leave his ways of villany and forge a new path of light and goodness. Overwhelmed by this experience, Malachi fled his former friends and returned to his home in Northern Italy, only to discover that, first, his parents had been murdered in his absence, and second, a young tiefling boy of six years, named Faustus, was huddled under his old bed, hiding from the attackers and claiming to be Malachi's younger brother.

The two brothers spent the next year on the run, looking for clues to their parents' murders, and eventually ending up in Constantium in 41 AD, where Malachi was promptly killed by Pluto. (For more on this, see: Praeludia et Nocturnes.)

Upon the conclusion of those adventures, Malachi was purged of all evil by Gabriel, and became an Ascendant Being, sworn to act only for good in the name of YHWH. His current whereabouts are unknown, as are those of Faustus.

Personal InformationEdit

Malachi is an Ascendant Being of YHWH, retaining the form of a Tiefling while having an angelic essence. A beacon of light in the shadows, he strikes furiously and powerfully as an agent of his god when called upon to do so. He has pale red skin with beige horns, and his eyes glow with a radiant white light. He is lawful good in his alignment, and he is Jewish. Though at one point widely considered to be one of the five Goodly Ghouls of legend, he is now more widely recognized as an avatar of Avior of the Dawn.

Last Known Principal StatsEdit

STR: 15; CON: 12; DEX: 17; INT: 13; WIS: 10; CHA: 15.

AC: 18; FORT: 18; REF: 23; WILL: 19; HP: 44.

Trained in Acrobatics, Bluff, Stealth, Streetwise, and Thievery.

Rogue class.