Lucius was born in Constantium, the son of the owner of the Domus Lucis, in 4 BC. While young, he learned the finer points of running a tavern, brewing beer, and pimping, and when his father passed away prematurely in AD 23, he took over the establishment at the age of 27, making a small fortune on his secret recipe beer, "Lucius' Special Brew." By AD 36, the wait staff was aging up, and Lucius, thinking for the future, saw the need for fresh blood to keep the side operation of the inn alive. As it so happened, the Velus family had fallen on hard times, and Lucius offered to apprentice their twin daughters, Primera and Secunda, into the waitstaff. The two proved so efficient at both aspects of the job that he laid off the rest of the staff and decided he would repeat the procedure when the twins reached their mid-twenties, allowing a two-four year training period for new wenches. In AD 41, he had the privilege of hosting the Lupi, and installed the inn's first dwarf holes.

Personal InformationEdit

Standing 4' 5" and weighing 204 lbs, Lucius is inordinately fat, and his red hair and beard have begun to show signs of greying. He also has blue eyes. He has an unusual and un-dwarvish fetish with young, human women, and as such, must hide the fact that he prefers his ladies tall, slender, and beardless from friends, lest they accuse him of perversions against dwarfkind.

Principal StatsEdit

Net worth: 10,376 AD, 319 PP, 21 GP, 3 EP, 3 SP, 9 CP.