Grumpsh does not know where he was born, nor does he know when. His earliest memory is of a terrible beating at the hands of his master, which left his entire back covered in scars. He worked under his master's whip until AD 38, when he finally threw off his chains and murdered him. As a final act of defiance, he ripped his master's still-beating heart out of his chest and consumed it, raw and bloody.

Strangely, Grumpsh found that the only pleasure he had experienced in his life to that point was in this murderous act, and as such, he sought out pillage and murder as a source of joy. He eventually ended up in Sicily in the hopes of finding simple, manual labor, and wound up being killed by Pluto. (For more on this, see: Praeludia et Nocturnes.)

After those events, Grumpsh was elevated to a general under Caesar Padrig, and though his feeble mind knew precious little of strategy, no one dared oppose his sheer force and brute strength, so his honorific went unchallenged.

Personal InformationEdit

Grumpsh stands a colossal 6'11" tall and weighs 277 pounds of pure, lean muscle, every inch covered in dull green skin and a combination of scars and tattoos. He is chaotically driven and evil in nature, though he does have a moral compass with regard to slavery. He is a devout member of the Cult of Thunder, centered on Jupiter, and though he is often considered to be a reincartion of one of the Goodly Ghouls of Romish folk legend, the veracity of that is often doubted on the grounds that he is incredibly stupid. He has a pet corgi named Buckler.

Principal StatsEdit

STR: 21; CON: 16; DEX: 12; INT: 10; WIS: 8; CHA: 11.

AC: 17; FORT: 19; REF: 14; WILL: 12; HP: 54.

Trained in Athletics, Endurance, and Intimidate.

Barbarian class.