Born in Sicily in AD 22, Esmerelda lived a largely uneventful life until an elven paladin, Orlando, washed up on the shore near her village. Falling head over heels for him, she elected to follow him on his travels, depsite his evident madness. When the two decided to travel to the Sicilian Saturnal, she was kidnapped and held in bondage by Pluto as incentive for Orlando to enact his will. Upon her release, the two traveled to Francia, and then Gaul, where she was ultimately murdered by a cruel priest of Wotan when she refused to submit to his lustful will. She now communicates with Orlando through an imagined contrust of a butterfly that only he can see.

Personal InformationEdit

Esmerelda is currently an ethereal spirit existing in Elysium , but she manifests herself to her love, Orlando , in the form of a small blue butterfly that only he can see.

Principal StatsEdit