The Domus Lucis is a small inn in Constantium, being the only inn for 20 miles in any direction. As such, it sees high volumes of traffic. While it serves all varieties of staple food and drink at standard prices, it has a small selection of house brews that it sells at a premium.



  • 1 Imperial Suite (100 GP/night)
  • 1 luxury room (10 GP/night)
  • 15 regular rooms (1 GP/night)
  • 1 stable (Free)

Orcs and other less sanitary races are only permitted to sleep in the stable, barring explicit permission from government officials in the form of a signed writ of sleep.

Beer listEdit

  • Lucius' Special Brew (5 GP/pint, 12.5% ABV)
  • The Twins' Lager (2 GP/pint, 4% ABV)
  • Romae (1 GP/pint, 5.5% ABV)
  • Fermented Horse Piss (3 SP/pint, 0.5% ABV)