Born in AD 3, Claudius is a minor noble of the Frankish court. When young, he was instructed in the skills of the swordmage, and his natural aptitude for Chatrang led his parents to encourage him to conscript into the Frankish military, where he experienced enormous success and was made general by AD 27. In AD 29, he was brought on to be the mentor and tutor to a twelve-year-old half-elf maiden named Veris Vesper. By AD 42, she had grown so adept that he brought her with him on his travels to Rome as an unofficial consultant.

Personal InformationEdit

Having pale blonde hair, and being 6'3" tall, Claudius cuts an imposing figure in any room. He enjoys crafting new spells in his spare time, and he is extremely proficient with the longsword. He has no qualms of trying experimental magic upon prisoners and others who violate what he deems the appropriate code of ethics, and as such, his name imparts fear in the criminal world of all the Roman provinces.

Principal StatsEdit

Do you want to be skewered or shocked? You're probably dead either way.