Born in 598 BC, Arathiorn is approximately middle-agd for an Eladrin. He spent much of his first two hundred years of his life in Gaul, where he met the love of his life, Gurthgwai, an Eladrin man about ten years his junior. The two decided to travel together into Italia in the 200s BC, as they heard about the formation of a new kingdom of men that seemed a promising place for young lovers to start their lives together. Unfortunately, en route, Gurthgwai was murdered by a Germanic mercenary who decided to rob couple. Though Arathiorn escaped with his life, he was never quite the same, and though he occasionally resorted to flings with men of other, shorter-lived races as a means of distraction and carnal gratification, he knew he would never love another as he loved Gurthgwai, and so steered clear of Deva, Elf, and Eladrin men, no matter how comely.

By the early AD 20s, Arathiorn had settled in Sicily, and decided to open a weapon shop in town, Ferrum Flammaque. He had the distinct privilege in AD 41 of being the first weaponsmith to vend to the Lupi in their journey to greatness.

Personal InformationEdit

Though he sells weapons and crafts them by hand, Arathiorn's strength hides a glass jaw. He is 7' 0" tall and is very proficient with the broadsword. Like many Eladrin, he has blonde hair, but his eyes are purple. He is 639 years old.

Principal StatsEdit

Star sign: Taurus, unless you're a fey or immortal being, in which case: "Sure, you can buy me a drink, but I won't sleep with you."